Here is just a small number of conditions that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can help with:

Benefits Autism Spectrum Disorders
Reduces Chronic Pain
Benefits Skin Ulcers
Improves Brain Injuries and Trauma
Improves Diabetic Ulcers
Improves Hearing Loss
Improves Symptoms of Stroke and Heart Disease
Improves Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease


HBOT for Autism Spectrum Disorders

It has been demonstrated that the majority of patients affected by ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) have high levels of inflammation, compromised blood flow and low oxygen delivery to certain parts of the body. HBOT has been shown in clinical data to help decrease inflammation and reintroduce oxygen and blood flow to affected areas, including affected regions in the brain. This has demonstrated to help improve overall functioning, receptive language, speech and eye contact scores.

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HBOT Reduces Chronic Pain

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in 60 patients with chronic pain disorder (Fibromyalgia) for 8 weeks improved brain and nerve activity.

In a patient suffering from chronic muscle/bone disease (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), 3 weeks of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy reduced swelling, pain, and improved motion of the lower limbs.

Cellular death of bone tissue (osteonecrosis) is most commonly attributed to an interruption of blood supply. In studies (osteoblasts), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy promoted the generation of bone mass and prevented bone loss.

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HBOT Benefits Skin Ulcers

In 35 patients with treatment-resistant skin ulcers (vasculitis), a 4-week course of hyperbaric oxygen therapy improved recovery in 80% of the patients.

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HBOT Improve Brain Injuries and Trauma

In 60 patients with spinal injuries (RCT), hyperbaric oxygen therapy for 8 weeks improved nerve function and reduced depression and anxiety.

A meta-analysis of 8 studies of patients with traumatic brain injuries showed that hyperbaric oxygen therapy significantly improved survival rate.

In a 2-year-old girl suffering from a brain injury, 27 days of hyperbaric oxygen therapy restored the loss of brain tissue and resulted in complete recovery.

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HBOT Improves Diabetic Ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcers and chronic kidney diseases are common causes of reduced blood flow in arteries.

In a clinical study, 146 patients treated with supplementary hyperbaric oxygen therapy were found to recover from chronic diabetic foot ulcers.

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HBOT Can Improve Hearing Loss

The sensor neural hearing loss is a condition caused by loss of nerves or cells within the ear. It accounts for about 90% of hearing loss and deafness.

A review of clinical data from 167 patients showed that adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective in treating patients with sensor neural hearing loss.

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HBOT Can Improve Symptoms of Stroke and Heart Disease

In 73 post-stroke patients (RCT), 40 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy significantly decreased damage to the brain and nerves.

In 12 patients suffering from a stroke after heart surgery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy caused a full recovery in 10 out of the 12 patients.

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HBOT Can Improve Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

In a patient with post-operative dementia, 40 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in addition to other therapies improved cognition and reduced confusion. It also improved memory, social interaction, sleep patterns, and physical independence.

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