Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Cosmetic Treatments

HBOT has been shown to be particularly effective in the Cosmetic and Spa Treatments such as skin and tissue rejuvenation, anti-aging, weight loss, skin toner, cellulite, wrinkle reduction, faster nail growth, stress reduction and stimulation of the immune system among many other benefits.


​There are numerous patient reports of increased clarity of thoughts, more vivid dreams, renewed energy and reduced fatigue following the HBOT treatments. Top executives such as board members of leading oil companies and also many Parliament and Government Ministers in prominent daily politics regularly use HBOT to enhance their clarity of thought process and also to reduce their stress levels.


​The high concentration of Oxygen used in HBOT treatments accelerates the production of nutrients and amino acids deep inside tissues, thereby repairing damaged skin. HBOT can therefore be used as a very effective adjunctive therapy for rapid recovery after cosmetic related treatments. It is highly recommended after any type of cosmetic, surgical or reconstructive surgery.


Oxygen in the body tissues accelerates the formation of new capillary and peripheral blood vessels. This results in an effective and accelerated post-operative healing with better aesthetic results. It also greatly reduces any Oedema – (tissue swelling).


Post-operative recovery in conjunction with HBOT can be reached in days instead of weeks and with a lot less tissue trauma. The reduction of swelling and substantial control of possible infections alone is huge. The key to slowing down the ageing process is exfoliation and oxygen.

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