Nasal Laser Therapy

Sounds a little scary? Well rest assured it is not.

Until now, to have your blood treated, you would have to use all kinds of sophisticated equipment that was expensive and dangerous. We can now with no threat of toxic side-effects safely treat your blood at Poseidonia Medical Centre, and you will see the same broad positive medical effects that doctors have seen when using older equipment that required surgical procedures.

Nasal Laser therapy literally stimulates the blood capillaries in the nasal cavity and is a very non-invasive method to introduce therapeutic light energy into the human body through the blood.

This form of non-ionizing radiation on biological systems offers health and medical benefits including effects on cognitive performance, fighting free radicals, combating Alzheimer’s symptoms and more.

The FDA has approved infrared therapy for everything from eliminating microbes and fungus in the human body to killing cancer cells.

So how can Nasal Laser Therapy help you?

When Blood is abundant we feel alive, nourished and well connected. Blood does more than run through our veins and oxygenate cells. It ensures we have nourishment and moisture for the entire body. Blood keeps our tendons, skin and hair healthy, strong and flexible. It lubricates joints and allows for smooth movement. Blood also nourishes the mind and is considered the material basis for mental activity. Strong Blood ensures good sleep and helps us wake feeling rested.

Nasal Laser therapy with help improved blood flow throughout the body and brain and energizes the body system processes, this helps with improved functioning and interactivity.

• Improved immune system functioning

• Psychological benefits

• Headaches and migraines

• Sinusitis & Hay Fever

• Sleep

• Fatigue

• Increased energy

• Blood pressure

• Cognitive improvements

• Dementia

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