Why use Bio-Resonance devices?

• They are an easy and efficient way to get rid of diseases without the use of drugs or to at least minimize their consumption
• They cure diseases that are considered incurable; such as Herpes, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis and many others
• They eliminate a wide variety of parasites that have not been officially identified
• The devices can be used safely with your children and your pets, and can therefore act as the “Family Doctor”
• Bioresonance is a highly efficient treatment modality with zero side effects

Currently DETA ELIS has developed more than 1600 treatment effective treatment programs with an overall positive effect in many health problems in excess of 85%.

The overall conclusion reached was that combining treatments using both of the Deta Elis Units; Deta-AP & Deta-RITM devices, had improved the overall health of 75% of the patient population after only 2-3 days of using the devices.

The overall general effectiveness of all the treatments was 97%.

Other improvements

• Vision problems 66%
• Gastrointestinal 98.7%
• Autonomic Nervous System 97.6%
• Musculoskeletal 46%
• Respiratory 94.6%

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