Bio-resonance testing

The diagnostic mode uses Bio-resonance to identify the following:

•food intolerances
•toxic Heavy Metals

The diagnostic mode uses Bio-resonance to determine the following:

•organ imbalances
•underlying causes of diseases
•drug interactions in the patient
•if the issue is acute or chronic, inflammatory or degenerative
•the adaptation levels of the body
•treatment priorities and depth of the pathology

You can be tested to determine the underlying causes of your health problems.

We then program the your Deta Elis units, both the AP & RITM with the specific frequencies for your diagnostic results and instruct you on how to use these frequencies to heal.

You then have your own “Personal Doctor” that you can instruct at the touch of a button!

Furthermore, we can offer homeopathic remedies (with inverted signals) specific to your requirements to assist the recovery process.

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