Cryotherapy for Athletes

Ice baths are some athletes’ worst nightmares. Even holding an ice pack in the same spot becomes tedious and often even painful. Often you would need to use your hands for other activities.

Fortunately, Whole Body Cryo Therapy is an extremely short treatment where you simply stand in a Capsule for 2-minutes to let the Ice Queen do its Work.

All athletes sustain an injury at some point or another; whether it is a minor sprain or a ligament tear that requires serious surgery. Regardless, every single athletic injury can benefit from Whole Body Cryo Therapy.

Applying cold to an injury produces two important effects; it helps relieve pain and it reduces swelling. Cold slows down nerve activity creating a numbing effect and reducing the sensation of pain without any of the side effects that prescription or OTC medications might cause.

Whole Body Cryotherapy also helps reduce swelling and slows down cellular metabolism, allowing your body to heal faster. Excess swelling can impede the healing process contributing to uncomfortable pressure pain. Slower cellular metabolism means less cell death and therefore less tissue for the body to repair.

Successful application of Whole Body Cryo Therapy requires a recovery approach of multiple sessions, ideally 10-15 treatments. While this might be inconvenient to some, it is nonetheless an exceptionally small commitment to make for athletes who wish to return to their normal routines as fast as possible.

Many athletes use cryotherapy prophylactically prior to events and many after practices or games so that sore muscles recover more quickly.

Athlete’s that use Cryotherapy

Usain Bolt

Cristiano Ronaldo

Jamie Vardy

Justin Gatlin (sprinter)

Shaquille O’Neal

Mo Farah


And, as far as broader groups go:

Cast of Dancing with the Stars

LA Lakers

Phoenix Suns

Dallas Mavericks

New York Knicks

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