Princess Filler

What are Princess Filler?

Princess Fillers are a biodegradable dermal filler that can be used in almost any facial area.

It was created and is manufactured by Croma, one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical companies with regards to skincare and fillers.

It’s a clear and smooth gel implant that helps smooth out areas of the face. It is especially good for smoothing the forehead, lines between eyebrows, reshaping the chin, lines on the chin, correction in the contour of the lip, for fuller lips and reducing the nasolabial folds.

Princess Filler is recommended for use on any part of the face.

Princess filler is manufactured using SMART (Supreme Monophasic and Reticular Technology), which helps increase the amount of time this dermal filler will last when injected under the skin.

Princess filler has been shown to have consistent efficiency and results and to smooth various areas of the face.

Princess filler has been shown to fight signs of ageing that stem from the loss of bone mass, elasticity in the skin, collagen loss, and wrinkles.

Princess filler is suitable for using on hands and can rejuvenate skin overall.

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