Bio-Revitalisation Teosyal Redensity

What can Bio-Revitalisation Teosyal Redensity help with?

• Young skin – ageing prophylaxis

• Diminished elasticity in skin

• Insufficiently moist skin ‘Stressful skin’, impact of free radicals and poor nutrition

• Minor wrinkles

• Sharp gravitational and mimic wrinkles

• Gravitational changes of face oval

• ‘Tired’ & ‘Smoker’s’ skin

• Before or in combination with other dermatology treatments in order to improve results of cosmetic surgeries

• Post acne, stretch marks, scars

• Skin revitalization due to sun exposure

• For women after pregnancy

What is Bio-Revitalisation Teosyal Redensity?

Biorevitalization is a biological way of returning natural beauty back to the body’s skin. The procedure is non-surgical and widely applied to fight ageing and a variety of other skin problems. The technique makes use of small doses of pure hyaluronic acid, (non-animal origin), which are injected into the skin.

When hyaluronic acid enters into skin it kicks starts the circulation processes which provide moisture and begins to nurture the skin cells. After the tissues are saturated, hyaluronic acid stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The result of this can clearly be seen in the look of skin.


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