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Embryonic Stem Cells are the most regenerative cells tested to date surpassing that of umbilical-cord and adult Stem Cells.

Stemaid™ offer Embryonic Stem Cells & unique protocols to provide safe and effective Stem Cells therapies to our patients.

Whether an individual is facing major health conditions or simply wishes to stay young and healthy, Stemaid™ Embryonic Stem Cells protocols can be highly beneficial.

We are the only group in the world offering Stemaid™ Embryonic Stem Cells that have been tested for purity and safety in accordance with international standards.

Stemaid™  Embryonic Stem Cells are grown without animal feeder layers and thus do not present any contamination danger.

Stemaid™ Embryonic Stem Cells are up to 6x more potent in their ability to help the human body heal itself than that of adult Stem Cells or Umbilical Stem Cells.

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