‘Healing for Life’ Tick Borne Package

‘Healing for Life’ Tick Borne Healing Package

27 treatments Monday to Friday with Saturday & Sunday as Rest Days.

Please allow 37 days in total for the treatment, this includes Saturdays & Sundays, however it is always advisable to add an extra 3 days at the start and end of your trip.

Daily Transfers to & from accommodations to Clinic*


Procedures completed in house at the Poseidonia Medical Centre – Larnaca

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

IV Ozone

IV Vitamin C

Ultrasonic Healing Relief

Intranasal Laser Light Therapy

Projuvenox™ FIR Detox/Lymphatic Massage

FIR Sauna with Chromotherapy Lighting System

IV Laser Therapy

IV Minerals


Cryotherapy – Ice Queen

Cryotherapy Sessions for increased Detoxification & Immune system boost


Deta Elis Bio-resonance

Bio-resonance to use daily 24/7 during your stay with us

Initial Deta Elis full body consultation by our fully qualified Deta Elis Practitioners

Individual specific programming of your own personal Deta Elis units

2 interim consultations and program adjustment mid-way & at treatment end

Ownership of both New Version Deta-AP & Deta-RITM devices this allows you to continue therapy & healing when you are home

Online Deta Elis consults & Personal Program Updates sent 3 times per year for both Deta-AP & Deta-RITM devices.


Screenings and monitoring are non-diagnostic and are used by staff to see how you progressing by using the results as benchmarks from how you were on arrival to your departure.

Thermal Imaging Scanning- taken on day one, midway and final day.

IRIDOLAB™ – Vitlabs, a Biometric Health Evaluation system using a retinal scanning technology will also monitor your progress during your stay with us.

Personal History signs and symptoms data recording


Also included in the package but conducted off the premises:

Ozonated Colonic Irrigation


We also include an optional Detox selection for Home use

Personal foot bath with Detox Salts/Soda & accessories

Para1 – Parasite Cleanse

Biospora – Probiotic

Activated Charcoal

Virgin Coconut Oil for oil puling

Dry Brushing Glove

€7.350.00 per person


If you would like more detailed information please contact us


*Transfers to & from clinic are based on Larnaca City Catchment area.

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