Healing for Life Package 2

Healing for Life Package 2

27 Treatment Days

27 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

IV Ozone

Deta Elis Bio-resonance

Cryotherapy – Ice Queen Sessions for increased Detoxification & Immune system boost

Plus a Personal Combination of the below treatments as designed by our Medical Team just for you.

IV Vitamin C

Ultrasonic Healing Relief

Intranasal Laser Light Therapy

Projuvenox™ FIR Detox/Lymphatic Massage

FIR Sauna with Chromotherapy Lighting System

IV Laser Therapy

Tailored IV infusion

Ozonated Colonic Irrigation


We also include an optional Detox selection for Home use

Personal foot bath with Detox Salts/Soda and accessories

Para 1 – Immune, digestive support and parasites cleanse

Biospora – Probiotic

HM-ET Binder – Support for Heavy Metals and Environmental Toxins

Advanced TRS – Naturally Remove Toxic Heavy Metals like Mercury, Lead, Aluminium & Arsenic

Virgin Coconut Oil for oil puling

Dry Brushing Glove

€7.350.00 per person


If you would like more detailed information please contact us


*Transfers to & from the clinic are based on Larnaca City Catchment area.

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