What to do if you suspect someone has Decompression Illness

If you believe a diver to be suffering from Decompression Illness in Cyprus:

Contact the 24 hour emergency helpline on: +357-99-518837

Administer 100% Oxygen

If the victim is conscious and able to tolerate, administer 1 litre of non-fizzy fluid (water) orally in small amounts

Lay the victim down flat or if worried about vomiting place victim in recovery position Keep monitoring ABCs and record details as much as possible. Consider carrying out a 5 minute neurologic exam if you are suitably qualified

Do not administer any pain killing drugs


Do not ration any Oxygen Administration to try and make it last longer If Oxygen is administered then signs and symptoms of DCI may appear to resolve, however it is still important to continue Oxygen therapy until advised otherwise by a Qualified Diving Physician.

Decompression Illness has no definitive presentation or test to confirm its presence. Symptoms can be vague and subtle and any area of the body can be involved. If at any time you are concerned about any signs or symptoms after diving call the 24 hour helpline on +357-99-518837.

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