Signs & Symptoms of DCI

Symptoms of DCI:

⚠ Numbness, tingling and paralysis and areas of decreased sensation

⚠ Pain in joints and muscles of the arms, legs or torso

⚠ Chest pain

⚠ Unusual fatigue

⚠ Skin itch

⚠ Dizziness, vertigo, ringing in the ears

⚠ Shortness of breath

⚠ Visual disturbances

​Signs of DCI:

⚠ Paralysis, muscle weakness

⚠ Blotchy skin rash (Cutis Marmorata)

⚠ Confusion, personality changes, bizarre behaviour

⚠ Difficulty urinating

⚠ Amnesia, tremors

⚠ Staggering

⚠ Coughing up bloody, frothy sputum

⚠ Convulsions

⚠ Collapse or unconsciousness

The above is not an exhaustive list of signs and symptoms.

Severe DCI is easy to spot but in milder cases one of the most common symptoms is denial. A minor joint ache or an abnormal sensation in an extremity is put down to another cause such as overexertion, heavy lifting or a tight fitting wetsuit which often leads to a delay in seeking treatment.

Remember, if you feel unwell or have any symptoms of DCI after a dive that until proven otherwise, you may be suffering from DCI and you should obtain advice from a diving physician.

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