We offer specialised Medical Care for Commercial and Recreational Scuba Divers suffering from or suspecting any level of DCI (Decompression Illness).

With our 24-hour EMS (Emergency Response System) in place, the Hyperbaric Therapy Treatment area within the Poseidonia Medical Centre employs fully trained Hyperbaric Physicians and Nurses, Certified Technicians and experienced ECHCO Chamber Operators and ECHM In-Chamber Medical Attendants.

Our Emergency Standby Response is throughout the year 24/7. We follow internationally recognised treatment profiles based on US Navy, Royal Navy, COMEX, UHMS and European Undersea & Baromedical Society (EUBS) protocols.

These Internationally acclaimed and recognised bodies set the benchmarks for Decompression Illness (DCI) and HBOT treatments globally. All protocols are applied on the Physician’s recommendation depending on the severity of and the resolution to signs and symptoms. The patient will be given treatments ideally until all symptoms are completely resolved, symptoms have platituded or if necessary alternative treatments are necessary.

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